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dextervids's Journal

Dexter Music Videos
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Dexter Music Videos, a community for music videos about the Showtime original series Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall.

Community moderator: chasarumba
Contact me via email: chasarumba AT livejournal DOT com

(membership is open, but please read before joining)

1. Vid posts: please use the following format when posting vids to the community (you can use this post for reference)

subject line
Vid Title (Focus): Song Name by Artist

- Focus could be a character, ship or something as simple as "series general"

post content
Music: (include song and artist)
Spoilers: (range of episodes used, like "through 1.06")
Stats: (format, filesize, duration)
Link: (direct download link, link to your journal post, etc.)
Summary: (this is optional, and please place under an appropriately-marked cut tag if your summary includes specific plot information...I'd like for this community to be a safe place to browse for those who are getting caught up on the show)

- ONE vid per post
- post only vids that you have created
- following from the above, clip theft is not tolerated; do not post videos that were created using someone else's video/s as source material
- vid graphics and embedded vids allowed if placed under a cut tag
- for those browsing the community, please look at the spoiler info specified for a vid before clicking on a cut tag or following a link someone's journal post with more information -- if you're not caught up on the show, you may be exposed to more than you wanted to know

2. Reposts: it's OK to post a notification about a re-edited or modified vid. However, do not include full details in your repost -- simply provide a link back to your original video post (which you should modify as necessary to reflect updated info).

3. Other discussion: this community is primarily for Dexter video posts, however, general discussion about vidding is permitted. Note that this is not a clip or episode request community, so any posts on those topics will be deleted. Also not permitted are "advertising" posts done just to pimp another community or site. If there's an effort/event pertinent to Dexter vidders that you'd like to have featured in the community, please email me instead (chasarumba AT livejournal DOT com).

4. Requests: if you have a video idea (song, concept, etc.) that you'd like to suggest, you can comment with your idea in this thread.

5. Recs: vid rec posts aren't currently permitted -- there aren't enough Dexter vids to warrant it yet!

6. Feedback (YAY!): you are strongly and warmly encouraged to leave feedback on the vids you download and watch :) The exchange of feedback (that means both giving and receiving) is what will make this a community versus a place where people drop off vids. And for non-vidders, please don't feel that you must have any technical expertise in order to comment on a video -- telling the vidder how it made you feel or that you just really enjoyed it is a lovely thing.

(rules adapated from neptune_video)


(if you have a community related to Dexter or vidding and would like to affiliate, please contact me)